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Denver Pest Control: Moths

The Indian meal moth is a common pest recognized by its copper to bronze outer half to one third of front wings. Similar to a small pink or brown caterpillar in its larval stage. Larval stage feed in tunnels of silk they web together on stored food products.

Moths get inside a home or commercial location via open windows, doors or accidentally from rugs, clothing or linens. A potential problem for residential homes, bakeries, restaurants, grain industries and warehouses storing grains, cereals and flour, moth infestations are also easily spread worldwide through commercial trading.

Outdoor lighting during the evening hours is also a significant factor in attracting moths to residential or commercial location. The Clothes moth is considered to be a serious pest since they derive their main source of nourishment from natural fibers and dry food products that include all grains and pet food stored anywhere in homes or businesses across the Denver region. However, outdoor lighting does not attract the Clothes Moths

Professional Inspection for a Moth Infestation

Iseland Pest and Wildlife pest management specialists will carefully inspect carpets, closets, bedding pillowcases, food storage areas and all items made from natural fibers at your home or business in Denver when checking for a moth infestation.

Eco-Friendly Moth Removal and Prevention Tips

Our licensed and experienced Denver technicians will suggest several non-toxic moth control and removal measures that include:

  • Moth traps that inhibit mating between males and females
  • Industrial dry cleaning techniques that kill moths
  • Freezing or heating of moth infested objects
  • Apply a series of proven chemical and organic moth removal techniques
  • Provide you with several do-it-yourself tips and solutions to prevent moths from invading your home or business

Moth Identification, Monitoring and Treatment for any Industry

In the case of a persistent moth infestation, Iseland Pest and Wildlife pest management services include the application of specially formulated insecticides and pheromone treatment techniques for guaranteed results.

Call us for a free consultation to learn more about how to handle a moth infestation at your location in Denver.

Any dried food product should be checked regularly for the presence of moths. Maintaining high standards of cleanliness in cupboards and food storage areas helps to avoid infestations. Call a professional pest control expert at Iseland Pest and Wildlife for a licensed inspection.

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